Pixel Twist

Pixel Twist 1.1

8-bit puzzles to confuse your mind


  • Challenging
  • Great art style
  • Good amount of puzzles


  • Solution image is not always the same as example

Very good

Pixel Twist is a puzzle game. But the difference with this game is that the puzzles are all recreated in 8-bit pixels.

The easiest way to describe Pixel Twist is to take an 8-bit image and then place a bomb inside it. The explosion of pixels is what you will be looking at. You rotate the image until you recreate the image that they show you. It looks deceptively easy, but it is actually very challenging to solve some of the puzzles.

Pixel Twist has an overall time limit that counts down while you are trying to solve as many puzzles as possible. If you solve it quickly, you earn a few more seconds. The game only has two game modes, which feel identical, but the gameplay is a lot of fun.

Pixel Twist is a great and challenging puzzle game.

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Pixel Twist


Pixel Twist 1.1

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